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Click for: Receiving my Instructor Certification from Danny Martin, Sodwanna, March 2013 (Click to see the full-sized image, opens in a new window or tab)
Receiving my Instructor Certification from Danny Martin, Sodwanna, March 2013

St Helena Island is situated in the South Atlantic Ocean - 5°45’00”W, 15°58’49”S.

St Helena is probably one of the world’s most remote dive destinations to date and to quote Dr Al Dove, is considered to be the Galapagos of the South Atlantic.

Into The Blue is a diving and marine tourism operation owned by myself, Craig Yon. I am a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and have been diving for over 15 years. I am passionate about diving, sharing my knowledge and skills with others and conserving St Helena’s natural marine life.

I have a good family oriented business, whereby I am assisted by father and my brother Keith who is a Dive Master and experienced marine operator. Together we can fulfil your dream holiday package.

Please feel free to browse through my website and what we have to offer, if you are interested in scuba diving but have never learnt, been out of the water for years, want to swim with whale sharks, fly with dolphins, fish or even have a relaxing sunset cruise we can provide all these activities. If you have any further queries about seasonal information or any other services, please do not hesitate to contact me. I hope to see you and your family on our Island someday soon.

Craig Yon

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