Craig Yon

Meet Craig. – Craig is the founder and owner of Into the Blue a fully established diving and marine tour operator here on St Helena.

Into the Blue began as a small family run business operating at the bottom of Jamestown wharf, where  Keith and Craig offered dive tours and other marine tours to local residents, visiting tourist and contractors, Keith and Craig soon found that the demand for a much greater business venture was needed and we had to take this opportunity to a new level.

“This opportunity came with many challenges for both of us and to master this wonderful opportunity we had to offer a variety of activities to encourage people to come and enjoy what we as local divers take for granted.

We had to offer international standards and that is where it all began.

After months of hard work and dedication my open water and advance PADI dive certification was a thing of the past as I worked endlessly to achieved my goal to obtain my dive master qualification, but it did not stop there, soon we were investing in more boats and more equipment to meet the demand.

A few months later I was awarded my master diver trainer qualification enabling us to expand deeper into offering dive training and certification as part of our growing portfolio.

We have been diving here for over 15 years. I am passionate about diving, sharing my knowledge and skills with others and showing of St Helena’s underwater wonders but also conserving St Helena’s natural marine life

This is a home-grown family run business, whereby I was encouraged to pursue by my late father.”

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Phone: +290 61400 or Tel office +290 23459
Evergreen Half Tree Hollow. St Helena STHL 1ZZ