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We offer various types of fishing charter

Fishing in St Helena

Our fishing days vary but depending on what your appetite is like we normally start early in the morning to guarantee you an exciting day out as St Helena offers plenty of species to catch which is often large tuna, Wahoo, Dorado’s, Jacks or grouper as they are more commonly known locally. We use several fishing standards here on St Helena, during the season you can guarantee to catch wahoo on a troll along the way we would do some jigging and one of the most popular methods is chunking for tuna. Tell us what you prefer we will tailor a fishing charter to your needs if you prefer a leisurely afternoon trolling for wahoo or fancy catching grouper from a local fishing hotspot, tell us we will do the rest.

We offer the best experience in St Helena for fishing charters around this amazing Island,  we have several boats in our fleet, the choice is yours as to which one of our boats that you choose for a great day out. You also have an option to fish from our favorite big game fishing boat Egalite which is a 40 ft GRP Renato levy twin screw fitted with a flybridge.

Egalite is fitted with twin 420 HP caterpillar engines capable of speed up to 29 knots.

BIG GAME Fishing

We offer big game fishing charters

Big Game Fishing

We offer all-day fishing trips which will give you the complete fishing experience.  A full days fishing trip could start at 04:00 hours where we will collect you at dawn to catch live bait enough for the day’s fishing.  As the day breaks your St Helena fishing experience will begin, we will move to deeper water and start angling for tuna and wahoo depending on the season. If your appetite is to continue on into the afternoon we will move into shallower water and catch various species of ground fish.


Marlin Fishing

Marlin fishing is becoming even more popular amongst our clients lately as the demand to catch the biggest marlin in St Helena is a hot topic amongst the marlin hunters, catching marlin is seasonal on St Helena and for the serious anglers, you are recommended to come and visit us between January to March/April.

If you are thinking of bringing a large group or would like to join our list of private jet clients then lets us know and we will be happy to coordinate your entire visit.