Whale Shark Tours

Whale shark season is one of St Helena’s biggest tourist attractions. During the season these spectacular visitors to our shores attract human visitors from all over the world, this includes filmmakers, scientist and environmental enthusiast, through study it is found that adult whale sharks make yearly trips to St Helena between January and April. In the last 3 years, we have recorded daily numbers ranging between 15 and 20 of our coastlines. This is a must do trip for any visitor to St Helena.

We offer viewing trips for this once in a lifetime memorable experience, depending on the conditions you will get the opportunity of swimming with these majestic giants, it must be noted that our whale sharks are protected by local law and all interactions will fall within its guidelines, these guidelines will be given on the safety brief after embarkation prior to the trip beginning.

Whale sharks St helena
Taking a selfie with a Whale Shark in St Helena

This year on the 24th January we had a sighting of a total of seven whale sharks swimming together in one location. last year we managed to see similar numbers of these amazing animals together which was sighted on the Northern side of the Island.

Dolphin watching tours

On St Helena Into the Blue offers dolphin trips all year round, it is likely that you could see dolphin pods with up to 400 – 600 dolphins.

Dolphin trips normally depart the main landing steps in Jamestown at around 09.30 the trip normally lasts for the duration of two hours.

The most popular Dolphins species found around St Helena are pan-tropical, bottlenose and rough-tooth species.

Dolphins St Helena

Costal cruise's

We offer coastal cruises for those of you who are maxed out with on Island tours and activities, we can also offer to relaxing coastal cruises with our most cruise being the sunset cruise. 

Why not take a leisure cruise along the spectacular coast of St Helena and watch our magnificent sunsets, view our amazing birds and our if you are lucky to see our seasonal humpback whales, if not you are almost guaranteed to see dolphins swimming off into the sunset. We also offer refreshments on board which is available on request or feel free to supply your own for the trip of a lifetime.

Whale watching tours

Whale trips are a seasonal offering.  Humpback Whales tend to visit St Helena at the beginning of winter and are often found around June to December.

It is very common to find a mother and its calf on the leeward side of the Island The most popular area for these amazing animals to hang out is near a popular location which is known as Egg Island. Mature Humpback Whales can grow up to 16 metres and are often seen at this size in St Helena.