We own the largest fleet of boats in the dive and fishing business in St Helena, this not only allows us to offer a fit for purpose boat every time to our clients but it also allows us to have a redundancy plan during the busy months.

All of our boats are fully insured and inspected by the port authorities, we carry first aid and safety equipment on board all of our boats, we are passionate about safety on board so you can be assured that you will be well taken care of on all of your trips.

Wildcat 7.2m

Our Wildcat is a 7.2-meter rib is one of our main dive boats and that is fitted with two new 70 horsepower 4 stroke Yamaha engines. Wildcat is primarily used for scuba diving and is license to carrying up to 14 divers.

We also utilised her for water sports, dolphin tours, bird watching whale and whale shark tours.


Starlite our 30 ft Aquastar multipurpose work boat which is fitted with a single 215 horsepower Perkins-sabra engine.

Starlite is capable of speed up to 16 knots.

Starlite  covers all marine needs from sightseeing, scuba diving, and fishing.


The big favourite amongst our cruising clients is Egalite.

Egalite, which is also used for our whale shark and marine tours,

Egalite is used for all of the sports fishing charters.

Tango is a 5.1-meter dive boat (Rib) fitted with a single mariner 60 horsepower big foot engine. She is primarily used for small dive groups we normally carry up to 4 divers in total to allow comfort when diving in small groups. Tango is the ideal boat to hire for families wanting a leisure cruise, water sports and snorkelling.

All of our boats in the fleet are available for any type of hire including family outings, ferry trips etc.